Become a Gallery Gig Curator

Turn your love for the arts and knowledge of your community into a rewarding business.

What is a Gallery Gig Curator?

A Gallery Gig curator oversees thing like art selection, placement, lighting and, most importantly, matching the art with the space hosting the exhibition. Gallery Gig's listing of local venues and artists makes it easy to start a curator business. Simply use your skills to match venues with artists, set up art displays and we'll do the rest.

Why Curate for GalleryGig?

Setup and Go

You find the right art for each venue and setup the display. We are your art advocate, sales associate, and marketing department.

Name your own fee

Yes! Set whatever fee you feel your services are worth! You can also add other services (before and after the sale) for additional income opportunities.

No cost / Gallery Space

Venues are all looking for art to display so their are no gallery fees of any kind.

Crossing Over

Curators can also be active artists or venues on Gallery Gig.

Flexible Schedule

Take on as many venues as you want and work whenever you want.

Curator Application

This application is under development - to apply Call 256-333-0661

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Tell us about your current curator business or why you would like to become an art curator.